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        Tom Harper never dreamed his research around phytoplankton would lead him to a remedy for his cancer. The owner of Cedar, B.C., based Unique Seafarms was simply looking for a way to extract phytoplankton from the ocean and then recreate its bloom in tanks.

        Not only was Harper successful in his research - he believes it may also be responsible for halting the spread of a rare form of lung can¬cer that was both inoperable and in¬curable. In July 2004, doctors gave Harper nine months to live.Today, he is alive and well.

        Tiffany Haarsma, Harper’s daugh¬ter, says the process her Dad de¬veloped begins with the extraction of a small amount of seawater from the Georgia Strait through a pipe¬line that sinks about 80-feet below the water’s surface. Using the sea¬water and Harper’s unique extrac¬tion technique, the bloom process is recreated in tanks. Haarsma said the company can now grow up to 45-tonnes of bloom a day. Harper at first was feeding the phytoplank¬ton - microalgae made up of 200 single cells, exclusively to shell¬fish.

        One day, while standing among the tanks at his business and contem¬plating everything that had taken place, Harper took notice of how well his clams were growing since eating phytoplankton. That prompted Harper to stick his fin¬gers in the tank, having decided to have a taste himself.“He literally “I thought he was crazy for what he was doing.I was actually a little bit worried about it. I said to him,“You can’t stick your fingers in the algae and eat it.”His response, “I’m dying anyway so what have I got to lose.”

        Since eating the algae Harper says the cancerous tumors in his lungs have stopped growing and are now benign, something Harper said has even puzzled his doctors. “They did 11 sites for biopsy and every one of them is clear.” Harper was also an insulin-dependent diabetic. Since taking the algae he no longer needs insulin. He is still off the insulin and there is no sign of cancer anywhere in his body,” him. We really believe that. We have no medical proof but we re¬ally believe it. Haarsma herself has an under-ac¬tive thyroid and could not control her weight. She too began taking the algae and in four months, went from a size 12 to a size eight.

        “My thyroid is functioning beautifully,”she said, adding when she first started taking the algae she didn’t do it to lose weight, but rath¬er as a preventative measure.

        At the time Harper began eating the algae, he was very ill. In fact, Haarsma said she had already be¬gan making funeral and burial ar¬rangements for her father. “Now when I see him I still get all choked up, ”she said.“He’s still here!”

        The focus of Unique Seafarms has shifted from producing shellfish feed to meeting human demand for the algae. The algae product, named UMAC CORE, is now available in health food stores in capsule and liquid form, and is the only one available for human consumption.
        海洋农场的焦点也由生产贝类的饲料变为利用藻类来满足人类的需要。这个藻类产品叫做UMAC CORE。现在在健康品店都有销售,有胶囊和液态两种。它是唯一一种针对人类的藻类保健品。

        Haarsma explained UMAC-CORE is a whole- food that is not miss¬ing any co-factors. “Supplements are missing co-factors,” she said. “Nothing has been extracted from this product. It is whole and com¬plete.” Haarsma said she has been con¬tacted by many users of UMAC greatly improved health conditions ranging from psoriasis, to sleeping disorders, to Attention Deficit Dis¬order, to dandruff, to boosting en¬ergy levels. “People’s energy levels are going up, especially among the elderly,”she said.
        蒂芙尼解释到UMAC CORE是一种完整的提取食品,她没有失去藻类任何的元素。“补充剂往往会失去一些原有的元素”她说:“没有一种产品萃取得像这个,它完全保留了原料的成分。” 蒂芙尼说她有追踪许多UMAC CORE的使用者,它都有很好的改善他们的健康状况。从牛皮癣到睡眠失调,从注意力不足到头皮屑,到提高能量。“人们的能量水平得到提高,特别对那些中老年。”他说到。

        For more information about UMAC CORE and testimonials from some of those who use the product dai¬ly, visit the company’s website at just started eating it,” Haarsma said. Haarsma said. “It is what saved CORE who have told her it has
        如果需要从那些每天食用UMAC CORE的人们那获得更多的关于本产品的信息,请访问公司的网站www.umac-core.com 蒂芙尼说这就像有人告诉她的一样它就是拯救核心的关键。


(Researcher Tom Harper and his daughter Tiffany Haarsma show bottles UMAC CORE, the name given to the product that Tom cred¬its with stopping his rare form of lung cancer in it’s tracks.)
(研究者汤姆哈伯和他的女儿蒂芙尼展示UMAC CORE的样品,这个产品名字的由来是由于汤姆相信是它阻止了汤姆的肺癌。)



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